2016 Reading Challenge

This new year found me in a sort of predicament. After moving to a new home and welcoming a new baby, I felt the urge to write coming on strongly. The only issue was that we weren’t able to get the internet at our new place. We’ve been “netless” since October of last year and it has come with its own challenges and freedoms. Now that we are able to connect again, I have had to determine how to move forward with this space. I have been working through a reading challenge, presented by Modern Mrs. Darcywhich is, I think, as good a place to start as any. If you are looking to read more this year, I highly suggest you take a look at her list. It’s only one book a month which is totally doable for me, especially after adding another little to our brood. Stay tuned over the next few weeks while I play catch-up on my book reviews. Maybe you’ll find one that will tickle your fancy!

2016 Reading Challenge


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