The Blog Parade

As you know, I’m trying to get more reading into my busy life right now. I’ve been having some pretty good success since subscribing to a handful of blogs. I downloaded Bloglovin’ and, while it’s a great concept and super easy to use when I do log in, I have way more success getting the posts delivered directly to my email. Then, if I can grab a few minutes in the park while pushing the girls on the swings, I can actually read a bit straight from there. Pretty convenient. Just like with books, I’m an eclectic blog reader so maybe you’ll find something you like on this list too. You’re welcome 😉

My first two favorites are written by fellow writers. My friend Jim has recently published a memoir and has a book of poetry coming out this month. His blog is an honest, funny look at just about everything that comes down the pike in this crazy life. He has a great way of cutting straight to the heart of an issue and addressing it with grace. He publishes twice a week which is perfect because if I can’t read the post right away, I know I have some time to catch up. If you appreciate honesty and like to laugh, head over to his blog and take a read. You will enjoy yourself!

My friend, Mary, is also a poet/writer/storyteller with work recently published online. She has recently decided to plunge into the blogosphere and write about the creative process and words and perfectionism and…just a lot of really great stuff. She asks a lot of questions, which really allow you to engage with her thought process, but also encourage you to think about your art form and how her insights apply to that as well. Extremely informational and always well written, she also publishes twice weekly (barring kids or life interfering, mom’s of littles in solidarity) and I really look forward to seeing her name in my inbox. If you appreciate a blog where no topic is taboo, hers is the blog you want to subscribe to.

I adore Chuck Wendig’s blog, which I have mentioned before, and while many of his posts are way too long for me to read in one sitting, he does a great job of breaking up the posts with heading and such so I can easily pick back up where I left off. If you don’t like profanity, I’d avoid the subscription button, but if you like weirdos who use profanity and create awesome and hilarious phrases and can talk about the creative process like this

The ideas in my head are shining beams of light, perfect and uninterrupted. And when they finally exist on paper, they end up fractured and imperfect — beams of light through grungy windows and shattered prisms, shot through with motes of dust, filtered up, watered down.

Get thee to his blog, immediately!

I follow World Literature Today, which has a ton of great bookish info, reviews, articles, etc. but I rarely read the entire post because only half of it comes in through email. There are a bunch of links you can click to follow and read the rest of the articles but I pretty much only read the ones that I am super interested in. Like this one about women who have won Nobel prizes. Pretty good stuff there. If you don’t mind clicking over to finish reading, you might like WLT. The Write Place is pretty much the same. I subscribe to a blog so I can get the email and not have to follow the link. So emailing me a link is pretty pointless. But I keep them in the old inbox because sometimes there is a little gem that is totally worth following up on. Like a few weeks ago when they did a post about why fairy tales still sell. Since I’m working on my own collection of re-told tales, I found it very interesting and “click-worthy” if you will. Again, you may find something you like so you should check it out.

That’s about it for writing blogs. Let me know if you stop by and what you think about them. I always like to hear another perspective.



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