New Chapters

It’s June already. I can’t believe how quickly time can pass when I’m not paying attention. A plan for a quick catch up became a fleeting thought of a nice long post which turned into nothing at all! The good news is, though I haven’t been able to do much new writing lately, I have been able to edit a few older works and submit them for publication. And mentioning publication, remember back in February when I submitted a flash fiction? Well, it was accepted and will be coming out this month! Not only will I finally have something in print, I will be taking a trip to Ireland for the launch of the magazine and a reading of my work. Not too shabby for a first timer!

I’ve been sorting out some other prompts and ideas and working on a group blog with friends. If you are interested in keeping up with us over on that blog, check out Between that and the newest addition to our family (who is now two months old) I’ve been keeping busy. Now that things seem to have settled into a rhythm (knock on wood) I’ll be back to posting and writing again regularly. I’m looking forward to all the writing fodder this new chapter of my life provides. I’ll keep you posted!


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